The Offerpad Difference

Offerpad is on a mission to provide the best way to buy and sell a home, with customized selling and buying solutions for everyone. We make selling a home easy, helping customers sell the way that best suits their needs.

Our innovative Real Estate Solutions Center puts the customer in control. With the guidance of our Solutions Advisors and Solutions Experts agents, they can choose which solution is best for them, whether they want to sell their home directly to Offerpad by requesting a free cash offer, partner with us to list their home with a back-up cash offer, or buy one of the thousands of homes available on

Offerpad’s menu of selling solutions comes in a variety of ‘flavors’ with lots of options to choose from, including flexible closing dates, free local moves, free show-ready home services, home improvement advances and extended stay options that allow sellers to stay in their home for a limited time after closing.

Customers also have the power to bundle other Offerpad services with the solution they need, such as selling directly to Offerpad then buying an Offerpad home, back-to-back, or listing with Offerpad and buying an Offerpad-owned or listed home to enjoy even more advantages and cost savings throughout the process.

Through our Solutions Center, Offerpad streamlines the home buying, selling and moving process — providing seamless transactions for customers, while continually developing new solutions to common issues that are part and parcel of traditional real estate transactions.