Our Commitment

Offerpad is committed to acting responsibly and in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We believe our commitment to environmentally and socially responsible strategies provides benefits to all our stakeholders, including our customers, shareholders, team members and communities.

Guiding Principles

The heart of Offerpad is our people and the values that guide us. Our values guide our behavior toward each other and to our customers, partners and communities. The conditions around us may change but holding fast to these values will always keep us on the right course.

Homes Not Houses

  • A house is property, but a home is uniquely personal – a place full of emotion and memories. We help people move freely so they can live their best lives, wherever “home” happens to be.

Every Day Matters

  • We operate with urgency in pursuit of delivering the best customer experience in the industry.

Results Rule

  • We get things done. We celebrate doers. When we see a problem, we solve it.

Freedom First

  • Providing home buyers and sellers freedom is our passion. No one should ever feel stuck. We aim to provide convenience, control and certainty in all we do.

Embrace Our Roots

  • We know homes. We understand the people in those homes at a “living room” level. We leverage our past to provide each individual customer their best way to buy and sell a home.

2023 Highlights

Employees logged over 571 hours volunteering in their communities.

Earned a 91% customer satisfaction rating*
* Based on survey of approximately 900 customers who sold their home to Offerpad in 2023.

Launched the Women at Offerpad employee resource group (ERG), which provides opportunities for support, networking, and community-building.

Launched wellness program aimed at improving health through nutrition, sleep, hydration and stress reduction.

Environmental Commitment

We are committed to utilizing sustainable business practices that promote environmental responsibility in our daily activities. We encourage resource conservation and waste reduction at our headquarters and in the markets we serve.

Environmental Commitment

Revitalizing Homes and Increasing Their Longevity

Offerpad’s business model includes renovating the homes we purchase from light repairs and upgrades to more expansive renovation work as needed. Since Offerpad was founded, we have completed home renovations totaling nearly $300 million. This means new homeowners benefit from things like upgraded finishes, energy efficient appliances and other improvements that extend the life of the home. Neighborhoods benefit from the repairs and upgrades in their community. We are doing more than just buying and selling homes. We are revitalizing homes, increasing their longevity and creating welcoming environments for homeowners.

One Home, One Tree

Beginning in April through the end of 2022, Offerpad helped plant a tree for each home bought or sold. This resulted in more than 7,500 trees being planted in a national forest through a partnership with The National Forest Foundation (NFF). The NFF is a nonprofit that leads forest conservation. According to the NFF, 100 mature trees can remove 53 tons of carbon dioxide and 430 pounds of pollution from the atmosphere in one year. This means Offerpad can make a meaningful difference toward reforestation and removing pollutants from the atmosphere.

Adopt a Park

Offerpad adopted Centennial Park in Chandler, Arizona. Our team is committed to keeping the park clean and maintained with monthly volunteer events scheduled. The park is located in a neighborhood near our headquarters providing the community an inviting outdoor space to enjoy.

Green Initiatives

This year we’ve implemented a number of green initiatives at our headquarters as part of a larger effort to create a more-eco-friendly workplace.

  • No More Disposable Coffee Cups: We replaced disposable paper coffee cups with reusable mugs.
  • Biodegradable Cups: When disposables are necessary, we are using 100% biodegradable cups.
  • Bulk Snacks: We replaced individually wrapped snacks with bulk snacks served in reusable containers.
  • Eco-Friendly Coffee Machines: We installed new coffee machines that use recyclable packets and less water.
  • 85% Green Cleaners: 85% of the cleaning products used in our headquarters are eco-friendly.
  • RRF Certified Paper Towels: We switched to paper towels made from Rapidly Renewable Fiber.
  • Temperature Set-points: We set seasonally adjusted temperatures to minimize energy consumption.
Environmental Commitment

Governance Commitment


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides guidelines for conducting business consistent with the highest standards of business ethics. The Code applies to all of our directors, officers and employees. In addition, we adopted a Vendor Code of Conduct outlining our expectation that vendors operate with integrity, in an ethical manner and in compliance with all applicable laws.

Adherence to the highest standards of honesty and integrity is essential to the success of our business, satisfaction of our customers and preservation of our stakeholders’ trust.

Governance Commitment

Enterprise Risk Management

Our Enterprise Risk Management Committee is responsible for evaluating and identifying mitigation opportunities for our top enterprise-wide risks. The purpose is to effectively manage risk in a coordinated manner that supports our strategy.

The process involves:

  1. Risk Assessment and Ownership by function
  2. Quarterly ERM Committee meetings and analysis
  3. Quarterly ERM reports to our Audit Committee and periodic reports to the Board of Directors
Governance Commitment

Board Independence and Diversity

We became a publicly traded company in 2021. A majority of the members of our board of directors qualify as independent and two of our seven directors are female.


Data Security

We utilize best practices in managing the security of our data and mitigating cyber security risks. We use an enterprise data security suite of tools backed by an external security solutions center. This includes utilization of artificial intelligence monitoring of our endpoint devices. Our internal system data and data on our endpoint devices is encrypted both when shared and when stored as a data loss protection measure. Our identity management system adds another layer of protection against unauthorized access to our system.


Data Privacy

  • Offerpad’s Privacy Steering Committee was established to oversee our regimented privacy program, including governance, compliance and data processing.
  • Our data privacy and protection strategy provides a comprehensive and coordinated approach to efficiently and effectively managing data-related challenges.
  • Our privacy framework allows for a sustainable and scalable approach to operationalizing the controls needed to handle and protect personal data.
  • Our framework is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, reflects the value Offerpad places on the protection of privacy rights for personal data and allocates responsibility and accountability for managing the risk landscape.

Partnerships and Awards

Offerpad is working with the Freddie Mac Affordable Housing Advisory Council and the National Fair Housing Alliance to identify opportunities to support greater access to fair and affordable housing.